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I like to share how I success lost weight and bring my health back by work out daily with my personal trainer !! 

Jan, 2015 , just deliver my 1st baby xiao Ai, I was 81 kg (178.2 pounds) everyday look at the mirro , I decided to find my beauty Look back again ! That's how I start this gym Journey

Left : 81kg / 178.2 pounds
Right : 75kg / 165 punnds
about 40 hours work with my trainer 

Today is the last day, I prepared three gifts for them, to show my appreciation , I can't do it without my trainer

The Last Measure

Even though I still have 10 KG to go, I truly thankful this journey turn a lazy woman into a sports woman

My belly before and after

I don't want baby become excuse not going to the gym, so sometimes I brought my baby to go with me! 

This is what I eat during training . Even now I still keep this way to eat with my family : lots meat /vegetables

Now I can free dress what I want n get some good looking photoes 

Thank you Coach Justin

Thank you Coach Curry 

Thank you Coach K
Without you I would never know that I can stand on the running machine for one hour , burn 1000 Calories a day ( those bitter and sweet memories)

I Love you K 

My birthday wish is wearing jeans again!

As I said, I was a lazy woman, so definitely need somebody push me all the time !!  That's why I like to recommend from the bottom of my heart

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